by Ivaylo Gogov

       3D | Motion Graphics| Environmental design| Concept Design| Illustration| Post Production| User Experience| User Iinterface design | Branding| Advertisement| Art Direction 

About Me

 Creative Experience:

Since 2005 I have been working, participating and accomplishing variety of projects into Digital Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Interactive Animations, Concept and 3D modeling and rendering design, Architectural design, Matte paintings and projects connected to the Film and Game industry, also Brand design, print design, UI and UX design, Layout design and trade show design.
I worked for clients such as Coca-Cola Hellenic, Worldwide FX Studio part of Nu Boyana Film Studios, Forex EA, Vambar IT Video Training, LeafBrane, Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle, Boss Trans Ltd., Fuji Film, Augeo,, Fusion Wedding Agency,  International Initiatives for Cooperation, Bomives Agency, Metro Cash & Carry, Aritzia, Team Academy, Cho Elite Academy, Exclusively Art Gallery, Adda Cosmetics Ltd. and more. 

 Briefly about me:

I was born and grew up in Razlog, Bulgaria with my wonderful family in a very beautiful place between three mountains. At the age of 14 I moved to the town of Blagoevgrad to attend the National Humanitarian High School - with major in Fine Arts.
At that time I started looking deeper into all kinds of Art 

And in 2003 I was accepted to continue my education and obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design with minor in Education at South West University, one of the most renowned universities in Bulgaria. I have been blessed to have met one of the most important people in my Life there.
 degree in Digital Arts at National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria.

After the graduation of my BFA, my work has led me to places like Vienna - Austria; Roma - Italy; Ljubljana - Slovenia; Strasbourg -  France; Vancouver - Canada, Washington DC – USA, New York – USA, Seattle - WA, and to work in different Creative directions with World Wide companies and clients as an independent professional.

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